Earth Balloon
School Programs

Our programs feature the Earth Balloon®, a 20’ diameter model of the earth. The Earth Balloon is an inflatable globe of the earth made from high-resolution satellite images with true to life colors. Students enter the Earth Balloon to learn about our planet.

Details and Content
  • An Earth Balloon instructor travels to your school and will facilitate interactive science and geography-based programs.
  • The program is most often used in elementary and middle schools as a school program, although it is appropriate for all ages.
  • Grade-level content is taught that includes specific learning objectives and correlates to many earth science and geography education standards.
  • Programs include content presentation, interactive Q and A, inquiry-based learning, demonstration and student activity, and pre- and post-program study guide.
  • Program flexibility – we can tailor our programs to meet your needs.

  • The Earth Balloon works with individual classes. The Earth Balloon can accommodate about 25 students per program and up to 6-12 programs per day, depending on your needs.
  • Exclusive use of an indoor area with a 17-foot ceiling clearance.
  • Outdoor use is prohibited.
  • Builds knowledge of geography, earth science, and environmental science in students of all ages.
  • Promotes map skill development and mastery of cardinal and intermediate directions.
  • Interactive with hands-on activities – engaging and fun!

  • $1,000 per school day, if there is an Earth Balloon instructor in your area.
  • $1,200 per school day, if there is no Earth Balloon instructor in your area.
  • There may be additional travel fees.



Earth Balloon Overview  - How to set up your Earth Balloon  - Inside Earth Balloon

We also participate in Earth Day events, International Festivals, Water Festivals,
Summer Programs, and corporate events. Outdoor use is prohibited. Pricing varies by event.

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